About the Product

As the producer of the InkoBaby nappy bin, we guarantee high quality and a clever twist and seal system. The system ensures that each nappy is sealed in a lightly scented film, when placed in the bin. The specially designed closing mechanism leaves the room odourless. Choose InkoBaby for an effective handling of the many daily nappy changes. The nappy pail can easily contain between 28 and 40 nappies depending on the size. InkoBaby – easy, simple and odourless!

Refills Models: All in One and Weekend
Order your InkoBaby nappy bin and refills here. The InkoBaby nappy bin is available in many different colours and several sizes. Please note that for example the Sangenic/Tommee Tippee nappy bins have a similar twist and seal system, which allows you to use our InkoBaby refill All in One model for these bins. Our InkoBaby refill Weekend model also fits the Angelcare nappy pail.

Advantages of the twist and seal system
A changing table should be both practical and hygienic. The InkoBaby nappy bin is the ideal solution: odourless, specially designed closing system and spacious. The clever twist and seal system seals all used nappies in the lightly scented film inside the bin. This ensures that the room, where the many daily nappy changes take place, stays bacteria free and odourless. If you buy online, it is a good idea to order extra refills, to ensure you do not run out. Look forward to hygienic and practical nappy changes – every time!

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